Thursday, January 29, 2009

whip this wind into a flame

i have kept a journal in some capacity: online, notebook, scraps of paper, since 1996. sometimes my nostalgia overcomes me, and i will read for hours on end. i've now decided to share this nostalgia with you - i will try to post only things with entertainment value - and only from the actual day that i am writing the post. worth a go, no?

january 30, 2004 - from my live journal

well well my pumpkins, here were are again, and look what i have!

oh thats right, PICTURES!!! now you can all start reading my journal again. i have purchased a membership to fotki. so for at least a year my journal will be filled with my travles and escapades. how exciting. anyways i have quite a lovely story for you before i start the stories of my travels.

a few weeks ago me and my roommate denise decided it would be lovely if we went out together. we went to one party that totally blew but it was kind of okay because we were quite drunk. we decided to walk to royal oak so we did and on the way i decided i wanted to lay in the snow. i guess somehow denise took my camera and took a picture of me, but i really dont remember her doing so.

yes so...i pratically look dead.

and here...well....some have said i look "angelic" and some have said i look "absolutely awful"
i think i look like a drunk twelve year old. i was really so so drunk. i can not explain.

anyways denise got a call from her friend who told her that right around the corner from our house there was a lovely piece of graffitti that said "denise=slut" denise was very mad to say the least. we eventually decided that despite all the coke in the world in the bathroom of royal oak couldn't hold us from finding that graffitti and taking it out. so we left. apparently i fell like 20 some-odd times on my way back home (which is really like a 5 minute walk) and then we came into my house and found a can of white house paint. we walked around the corner and started searching for the graf. denise eventually found something that she thought looked like it. she asked me if that was it. now let me tell you, i couldn't really see, so i made out what vaguely looked like an equal sign and i said "yes that is it" denise proceeded to paint sloppily all over the grate. while i documented it. when i got the film back we discovered that, yes, it did in fact say "denise=slut"

so there you go. after that we came home and somehow i had paint all over myself. we cleaned me up and then i threw up all night. awesome. super.
really guys, i swear i am never a sloppy drunk. i swear...

a few wee afterthoughts:

why does only one picture work? its no matter, look at my room! and i LOVED that room too. oh man, its BORING! just like my top! that gumby dude on my bed was/is a friends boyfriend. they may or may not be married now.

the "friend" that denise got a call from was olivia. this was clearly written before i knew who she was.

its really true that neither of us could actually see. glad that doesn't happen anymore! (or does it?)

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