Thursday, January 8, 2009

switch on your electric light

okay, this is important stuff:

1) ugly betty is back! i want to say that i know it is not cool to like this show. but you know what? i'm a tv purist. i respect tv in its true form. none of this fucking tivo, none of this watch tv on your fucking computer! bullshit, just tv. tv and the fucking clicker. now listen, ugly betty is a near perfect sitcom, that may have had a terrible second season, but now its back! its so good! try it!

2) i'm breaking in with the middle aged swimmers! i am so pleased! i went late today so i didnt have to enter the pool with them, plus they swim for so much longer than i can. anyways, then we were all leaving together and one of them gave me a compliment on my swimming cap! i'm in! then we all mutually questioned the motives of this older man who was treading water while hanging onto a lane divider the entire class.

3) i have the best night planned for myself. after two days this week of chlorine steeping, i am going to open my own personal beauty closet (i have this) and unearth the tiny treasures you only use at times like this. oh, i can see it in my mind now! BATH OILS! DEEP CONDITIONERS! FACE MASKS! TONICS! SERUMS! THE THICKEST OF BODY LOTIONS! (is this making anyone else tingle with excitement??)

okay, gg, bye.

p.s. oh! and when i take my shower i am going to listen to the warmest of music by the male singers on my "comfortable voice" list:
paul mccartney, evan dando, james taylor, sam cooke, van morrison, jim croce, otis redding, harry nilsson, gram parsons, john sebastian.

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Samantha West said...

that list of male singers just made ms so so so uncomfortable.

also my word verification is "heurlarm" like a cray person saying "harlem"