Wednesday, September 17, 2008

make just one someone happy

so i've been thinking for a while about compiling some lists about top things or bottom things or what-have-you. just lists. maybe this will keep me from watching reruns of home improvement at 1am when i should be sleeping. but probably i will just do this at the same time.

i emailed one of the local radio stations about working there/volunteering and potentially getting a spot. we'll see. that would be a fun activity for me! i am basically wallowing in a pit of shame - day after day - i have taken to talking to myself, but most especially to animals, plants and inanimate objects, quite loudly and quite frequently. mostly i talk to my plants, but i also talk to the wild turkeys, my dead shrimps, small birds, chipmunks, the moon, trees - mostly everything other than people! i text at night and it appears to be the only way people feel comfortable communicating with me. well, EXCEPT for my mom who calls incessantly! i counted yesterday and she called SEVEN times. SEVEN TIMES. every time it feel like ripping off another layer of my dignity.

and now to finish, a list!

potential names for my potential radio show:

hayloft frolic
cellar full of noise
flattop cats and dungaree dolls
happy cuties

damn, that's all i have.

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