Saturday, September 13, 2008

and they greeted each other with friendship

okay hello again! the cards are not stacked in my favor at this moment. i'll muddle through. believe you me. thanks to everyone who showed support in some way. i appreciate it very much.

this week. this week. what day is it? i truthfully have no idea, it feels like monday. if you were on a permanent vacation, wouldn't you want it to feel like saturday? exactly.
i tested the waters last night in downtown albany. sharks! it wasn't nice. i really played such a nice face last night. you wouldn't believe how much like pie i was! i don't really drink anymore, so i guess the alcohol is more effective now. i certainly didnt FEEL drunk. anyways, things get hazy. teeny pieces missing. but somehow i end up on the phone with meg's friend who was calling me a snotty cunt and all this other shit. what the hell! so today i hide in the house and do secret exercising so no more people in stupid albany call me fat! ha. meg is a saint and stood by me 100% which is so reassuring! knowing someone really has your back is so good! not everyone has to be like that, but everyone needs a few friends like that.

i need to stop wearing tie-dye shirts with bonjour jeans. i need to never go to the road like this. once you cross lines like that - its hard to uncross them.

all my albany hopes are not dashed! fear not! i'll have another go at it, what do they call it? the old college try? i think so. one of those! and i think i will figure it out eventually. its not my fault i dont wear capri carpenter pants! don't judge me! i am not judging you! for once in my fucking life, right? i just listened to the alf theme song. do you even know what that sounds like?

plans for the week (which is just a week that starts today - i make my own weeks over here):

-rollerskating at the world's largest indoor skating arena
-wednesday thrifting (wednesday is FAMIY DAY)
-ebay pictures!
-EBAY! (i only have 2 items up right now! what a jerk!)
-working! making money! even if it is only for my mom. she needs the help and i offered!
-many other things, i swear!

chomp chomp chomp

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