Monday, June 6, 2011

christ you know it ain't easy

i could talk about things being a drag or i could talk about things being great. every coin has two sides, and some such other philosophy truth drivel.

listen, tomorrow i have JURY DUTY.
i basically flew to albany today on the wings of one, loretta-louise (you're a fucking champion) and now there are crickets and blackness and little snotty kids riding dirt bikes and other shit that reminds us all that sometimes you flip a heads and sometimes you come up with tails. and with that cue my computers brain immediately turned on the blossom theme song*. thanks!

anyways, back to bidness: JURY DUTY. i decided tonight i am going to write a book about my dating life (or lack thereof) called JURY DUTY. thoughts? is this thing on?

i've been listening to ke$ha** for like 24 hours straight and, much like the rest of my life, its become a joke that only i understand.

in continuation with this theme, i am going to dress in themed outfits for each day i have to go to JURY DUTY. tomorrow i decided to go with some version of an outfit that would be worn in the 1965 film 'beach blanket bingo' peg leg skinnies, a boaty solid colored top, but the real piece de resistance will be my hairstyle. you see, faithful readers, at a recent trip to my stylist, i, on a whim, acquired some bangs. bangs! me! can you imagine!*** so the HAIR for tomorrow will be STUPID. oh, but as if i've thrown a quarter in the air and its coming down tails side up, I FORGOT TO BRING ANY CLOTHES OTHER THAN DIRTY LAUNDRY. because i am an adult, didn't you know? so i have to make this dainty sprite gem outfit out of towels and underwear. orrrrr i could raid my high school closet. you will find out in due time which one of these fates prevails.

so only time and towels will tell where your fearless heroine will go next in her life. straight into the jaws of rich children, i'm sure. golden teeth will be my sad, but glamorous, end.

until next time...



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You are so dreamy

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