Sunday, May 8, 2011

its no sin, trade it in

man oh man, christ, i sure fell off this game, ay?
i am sorry

so, here i am. sitting home at 1am saturday night mildly drunk and more mildly stoned and listening to the little river band. sure are a lot of things i could muse about that statement, but i'll let it lie.

i thought i could do this and have something to say here but i was stricken by mind-numbing anxiety and can not continue.

let me post a few snaps and ruminate for a while about how i can write here on a more regular basis. considering i just tried to write the word "baby" for "basis," i'd say there's a lot more to this issue than meets the eye.

plaid shirts

same outfits day two

easter haircut

old maid

happy cuties at the hester street fair

so, see, i'm alive and i'm kinda doing things and school will be over soon and then i just have to take my exam and then life will be better. life will be better. life will be better. life will be better. i wish for the same thing every time i puff my eyelashes off my fingertips out into that world, and clearly one of these days that wish is going to have to manifest. there's just no other option.

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Laura Carmelita Bellmont said...

you are such a dream.
Lucky world to have you in it