Friday, July 8, 2011

keep your heart open and your eyes shut tight


this quite overdue post comes to you from the green hinterlands of albany, ny. its so alive here and everything just seems the best its ever been.

J4 weekend was at the top of the tops, as per usual. i'm hard pressed to think of another holiday that has never let me down the way J4 has. anyways, we red-white-and-blue'd for essentially 4 days straight, which led to such little sleeps that i am still recovering. not mad about it.

this five albany days has not been enough, and its times like this i wish i could pull a multiplicity move. imagine swimming in lake george, sunning in rockaway, and dancing on a roof at the same time!

i think i might be too braindead still to make any of this sound remotely intelligent, or, at the very least, entertaining, so i think i'll just picture you all and be done with the whole mess for a while (the way its been going, you'll hear from me in august). in 2 weeks i'm off to nova scotia with just myself for company (its good i'm such good company), and i've yet to plan any piece of this mini-major jaunt. i ain't worried though because it always works out somehow. i keep thinking about all those places with names you just want to say outloud like pensacola, saginaw, indianapolis, lake winnipesaukee, even nova scotia. NOVA SCOTIA. even though they're just words, somehow they make it feel like its all really happening. at the end of the day, i guess it really is all happening.

glad to happen with you,



marina sunset

rockaway sunset

love you

happy day!

view down union


flag posing

flag posing

best glory


uncle jon's farm stand



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