Friday, December 18, 2009

e'eryday seems a little closer

i feel like i should write something here now. whoops i just have nothing to say.
i can tell you that it is BALLS TO THE WALL FREEZING out and my roommate and i decided not to turn on the heat until absolutely necessary. i think neither of us wants to be the first one to cave. this means i am WEARING GLOVES IN THE HOUSE. whateverrrrrrrrrrrr.

i ordered twenty dollars of thai food and ate the whole thing BUT i don't feel completely awful over it because i packed sweatin to the oldies vhs in my suitcase for vacation. whateverrrrrrrrrrr

i'm working on a mix called "nice. and. easy" if i don't lose my mind before i finish i will listen to this mix when i feel like i am LOSING MY FUCKING MIND. whateverrrrrrr

i found out today, the day i came closest to getting in an actual car accident, that my brakes really aren't that great. really looking forward to testing them out tomorrow in the SNOW on the THRUWAY. whateverrrrrrrrrr.

i'm packing only sweater dresses for my entire ten days upstate. i plan to go to all the thrift stores and buy every sweater dress each one has and wear only sweater dresses (and maybe wool pant suits) for the rest of the winter who cares what anyone wears, whateverrrrrrrrrr