Thursday, December 3, 2009

close our eyes and feel the light coming down for the night




raining raining raining raining i'm tired but i am not defeated and i will smile my way through all of this you just wait and see you you you (you) i dare you to just stare at me don't blink you might miss the moment i flash my first molars

(i wanted to tell you about thanksgiving, i wanted to tell you about my weekend, i wanted to load you, like icing, into a pastry bag and then extrude you. then you could understand. but maybe it was more like a perfume atomizer. maybe it was more like a fireplace bellows. perhaps it was a squirtgun. a supersoaker. nerf gun! either/or it was a force and then i was out and walking on a wheel again. remember my smile! it sort of makes the whole image okay, no? i still live from day to day. day to day. its the piece of my tree life that i have not forgotten. nothing can defeat us. one day and then another day. of this i mostly solemnly swear)

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