Thursday, December 18, 2008

you mean, he could die from this?!

ooookay its about that time again.
90210 updatezzzz:

claire + steve: still going strong (you were right about them tasha, they ARE cute and i normally don't like steve, but he is tolerable when in the presence of claire)
kelly: sa-sa-sa-single! she went to rehab because her cokie boyfriend dragged her face in the mud too. but now she appears to be doing okay but she met this girl tara (tah-rah) in rehab and now she is living at the beach house. i think she is the one who stalks her and eventually tries to kill her, but i will let you know about this. oh yes, there is also breaking news that kelly is on her first date with this hunky med student she met while in rehab. what a stud!
valerie + COLIN!: so after the cokie broke up with kelly valerie swooped in and preyed on him. then he got caught trying to buy coke and started a high speed chase with the police. valerie paid to get him out of jail but now he is going to have to go back.
brandon + susan: god how susan annoys me! brandon and kelly are so clearly made for each other and i just wish susan would give up the ghost and just let him be with the one he is destined for.
dylan: missing! i think i missed the part where toni dies and he goes crazy and then leaves the show. i am really sad because if there is one person i really love on 90210, its dylan.
donna + joe: still going strong. i chalk it up to a mutual non-belief in premarital sex. he sure is cute! i like joe, but donna annoys me and i already know she marries david, so its sort of like...whats the point really? anyways, donna convinced joe to get a risky heart surgery because he has this heart problem and her dad is a heart surgeon. i have a feeling he might die? don't spoil this one for me.
david: poor david! he's single again and i think he might hook up with kelly's stalker girl. this would be crazy!

okay i will let you know about everything, i can't imagine there is much of this stuff left. i am really excited to decide my absolute favorite era of 902 after i've officially seen the entire series. what a thrill! what a privilege!

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