Wednesday, December 17, 2008

just let your feelings roll on by

what a strange series of days i have had.
for two nights i slept in the basement at my dad's house where there was heat and limited lighting while the generator was running, plus the toilet would flush over there. read by candlelight until i couldn't keep my face up any longer and would blow out six candles and fall asleep in the smoky dark. i had the craziest dreams two nights in a row which would come back to me in waves while driving in the car. ate dinner/lunch/whatever you call an early dinner at panera two nights in a row. tonight, while choosing my table, i was wearing a black hat with a large mesh bow/feather deal on the side, i ordered my food and a guy sitting next to me said he was leaving his spot soon and i could take his, and here is this article i just tore out about hats, i noticed your vintage hat because i used to sell vintage clothes. so then a man that was about to leave panera bread ends up talking with me for almost 2 hours about vintage and radio and many other interests we shared. turns out he is steve, of the famed steve's clothing! what a funny venue for meeting such a cool guy! we traded info and i think he might even listen to me on the radio this week. ha!

power is back now. i am pleased as punch about this development. i am back in my small house and wasting time, as per usual. i am now re-reading catcher in the rye so expect a spike in my usage of "goddamn" "boy" and "crumby." i finished angela's ashes over the weekend, and septembers in shiraz the weekend before that. i am drinking books and what good is country solitude without drinking books anyway?

i suppose it is time for bed and books and i might just light some candles for old time's sake.

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