Friday, December 5, 2008

its late in the evening and the music's seeping through

all of the thanksgiving food is either eaten or in the trash. why can't there be a thanksgiving every month? i would like to give myself and my company this year a thanksgiving award. i am going to try a new recipe every week. doesn't that sound nice? there can't be anything wrong with teaching yourself to cook. now if i could only call that man in schenectady about those two-step lessons...

i am trying hard to stay on track. now you may ask, you have a track? i will not take offense if you ask this. i would ask too. i don't exactly have a "track" but i compiled a list of things i would like to take care of, and i am trying to stay focused on this list.

i have been neglecting my trip pictures for a month or so now, so i am going to attempt doing one roll per night. this is aiming very high. i know.

what should i do for new years? i would love to not think about this, but its coming on so quickly! i thought about going to montreal but what kind of patriot would i be if i rang in 2009 in canada? new york new york new york, you are a constant source of sadness for me. you will not win. mark my words, you whitewashed culture ghost. i am angry at you right now, new york. do you hear me? what fun would life be without a little internal struggle, hm? i think i might also be mad at the internet. do you think this is true?

my sadness comes and goes on the surface. i'm sure its pretty consistent once you really get in there, but i, like most, try not to go in there very much. what should i do? can i get a sign from above? can i get an amen for uncertainty?

all i know is i am getting back in that car come spring. i better pay off that damn debt, and quick. because all this sitting around is bad for my bones. there is travel and wonder and wanderlust that i don't want to quell. paris in march, and the great usa in may. this time completely alone. i could build a new life if i wanted to, couldn't i? why am i so afraid?

too long. toooooo lonnnngggg.
try this!




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