Wednesday, August 6, 2008

we all got wheels to take ourselves away

so we lived. victory! victory over memphis tennessee!
i can now say i visited six states in 3 days:
illinois: land of lincoln
Missouri: the shoe-me state!
kentucky: bluegrass state!
tennessee: the volunteer state
mississippi: magnolia state!
arkansas: the natural state!


memphis was scary but graceland ws like heaven on earth. that elvis aaron presley, man oh man, what a guy! i even cried at this grave, which is more than i can say for that kurt cobain bench in seattle. take that nirvana! back in st lou today, visited the famed anheuser busch brewery and sampled my beer. finally! the click click click of those bottles whirring around on those belts was true music to my ears! let's live inside there! it also smelled so good. when i finish uploading about 200 pictures i am going to meet amanda at the gateway arch and go straight to the top of it!

i am very excited to press on, although the traffic around chicago is already scaring me. michigan feels far away even though i will be there in 2 days (maybe even less than that) and i just want to squeeze my friend so hard. kaitlin has been planning all sorts of adventures for us in the north land and i am excited for all of it and also to have a bit of extra daylight. i need to take a picture of the map that i show my route on, you may be interested in seeing it! the line has gotten really interesting these days.

i have visited 34 states and traveled over 14,000 miles. can someone be happier for me than i am for myself?! what an adventure! still debating whether or not to drive my car into my old homeland, brooklyn new york. yikes! not sure i'm ready for that yet. especially considering how hypnotized i was driving over the golden gate, imagine the holland tunnel! add that to parallel parking and moving my car every night and it all equals a big sad face. maybe with a comma for a tear.

okay i'm at 97%, i better go. adios amigos! xoxo!

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