Thursday, August 14, 2008

its just a brief interruption of the swirling dust sparkle jet stream

well hello! i am in cleveland!(ohio= buckeye state) excuse me for my delay, i was in michigan (the great lakes state) with my old pal kaitlin freewind and i was away from the internet for quite some time. i met kait near holland, michigan on a beach on lake michigan and sunned for a bit and then headed about an hour north to grand rapids. or gd rapids if you're a local. we ate like kings and went out a lot and saw all the sights and ate at all the places. on monday we drove up to the sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore to camp for a night. man, that place is beautiful! lake michigan is so clean up there and just clear clear clear, and blue like you would not believe! we cooked on an open fire and even made a friend who i later told to leave the country after he tried to tell me the us was building concentration camps underground all over to use on the rebels. gross! get outta here you loonie! i am all about the positivity. america has its faults, sure. but man, do you know what this place looks like!?

driving today from grand rapids to cleveland (a place that looks a lot better than i had expected) there were so many scenes rolling around in my head. those stars in marfa, the moon on the glacial lake, all those bugs on the car in idaho, swimming in lake and ocean and lake after lake, all the colors of yellowstone, all the wildlife and wilderness and just everything. this place is so good. i am going home tomorrow. i cannot believe it. i expect to cry for days and days but i already have something to look forward to! metznerfest! on the 23rd! i invited jillian and i think she might come! i am going to drive 8 hours tomorrow clear across the entire state of new york. my state. my home state with such a nice shape. they mostly look like rectangles, but oh new york, you have a shape! i might sleep for days and days. wake up, cry, sleep, cry, sleep. laundry. wash my whole life. scrub my entire body. how is it over already?! i am not ready to stand still!

i have been toying around with so many ideas of what to do next. i won't write them here just yet, they need to stew a bit longer in the ol noggin.

i need to get cleaned up and go to sleep already! me and kait had a long night of chatting and woke up around 7:30. i probably slept 4 hours and then drove almost 5 here to cleveland to go to that godforsaken hall of fame which was AWFUL! i mean, a recreation of sun studios?! i was just IN memphis for christs sake! and no i do not need to pay 20 dollars to see a car that elvis gave to his chauffer and then be lead directly into the giftshop run by fye. yuck.

see y'all later, i'll try to keep some updates and reflections so the dream can live on, you know?

much love,

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