Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i'll give you all i have, and a little more

there comes a time, after you've read and reread all the things you've written in the past year, that you are stricken with action! motivation! drive! vigor! (but please don't hold me 100% accountable for what follows, i'm rusty - rusted, and already anxiety stricken about all the strangers who will never see this) since you last heard from me, well, let's be honest, things happened. mainly being that i went from vermont to new hampshire to maine to new brunswick to nova scotia and then made a loop and came back down. nova scotia is made of wood, scallops and magic and held together with the fucking nicest human beings i've ever come across. the light is straight from the heavenly mouth of god, and i have 20 some-odd rolls of film chilling in my fridge waiting for me to make a new resume, get another job, and hurry up with reliving the past already. of course i'll show you. of course i will! and so, my not-so-secret love affair with car travel continues. where will next summer find me? somehow i think i am due for a west coast but then you know there is that place called the desert where you can cook almost anything out of you, then i keep thinking about key west and all the time there is this haze over my life saying MEXICOOOOOOO. time time time time time time. the funniest thing about life is that i keep having to say "life is weird" and never get to feeling mad about it. and now we've reached the section where i run out of steam and sputter out. so as to go out strong:

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