Wednesday, January 6, 2010

you must forgive me if i'm up and gone

still on my ronstadt kick, and this here video is bloggable for so many reasons. mainly: when will this be my life? (i'm waiting and waiting, isn't it time for my lap to have something fall into it? girl's getting antsy!) and also: why is she wearing that shawl? and if you had to guess, what year would you date that video with. if you asked me i would say plain old 1970. and if you want to really get into it, that was forty years ago. and if you REALLY want to get into it i could name some other cool shit that happened that year. but i won't. because i know you don't. no one does. and that leads back to my original query. and it gives me the original answer: NEVER.

i'm retreating to my bed now to dream of hunks with sideburns wearing giant collared shirts in large floral patterns that will never ever be mine anywhere other than my dreams. SOB.

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